CYIA 2019 Application

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This is the 2019 application form for CYIA™, Christian Youth In Action®. The form covers a lot of information and it is important to complete it as thoroughly as possible. It is best to do this all in one sitting, so plan to give yourself at least 15 minutes... you cannot save it to come back to it later. It is broken up into pages and you must complete each page before you move on to the next. There will be a button or buttons at the bottom of each page that will help you navigate the form. There is also a "breadcrumb" above to allow you to jump back and forth if you need to.  The last page contains the "Submit" button. 

Please note that some fields are required as indicated by the red asterisks, so you cannot skip them. If you have any questions about the application form, contact your local CEF Chapter representative (the person you have been talking to about CYIA).