Meet Rachel Gaby

Rachel was born in Kissimmee, Florida and raised in Sparta, Tennessee. She accepted Christ into her heart at the age of five, and her relationship with God has only grown since then. This relationship, paired with her love for children since a young age, developing in her heart to serve, and a mission directly aligned with Child Evangelism Fellowship, though she did not yet know it. She desired to evangelize children, but it was not, until her 8th grade year, she was approached with the opportunity to serve in a Good News Club. She volunteered at the same Good News Club at the same school until she graduated high school. It was then she had to leave her club behind as she worked on her Bachelors in Communications at Bryan College. She never lost her passion for Good News Club, so she was heartbroken when she found out it ended just a couple years after she left because of a lack of volunteers.

Fast forward to her last semester in college, and was in need of a job. The very week she prayed for one, a member of the board of CEF in the Upper Cumberland approached her with a job offer: a position as CEF of Upper Cumberland’s local director. Her life was brought full circle, and is excited to be working in a role fitting the passions she has had since childhood, helping to overcome the very things that broke apart Good News Clubs like the one she was apart of as well as doing so much more. God’s design is clear throughout every moment of her life.

Rachel graduated in December 2020 and a month later married her husband Amadeus.