We are thankful you are interested in applying for CYIA™ 2022. Many young peoples lives have been changed from attending CYIA. We are praying the same for you. The confirmed plans for Summer 2022 are these: CYIA Camp will be held at the beautiful Camp Dogwood Lodge from Sunday, June 5 to Saturday, June 11. CYIA students and staff will enjoy the Group Lodge at the park while preparing for 5 Day Club ministry in their local chapter areas.

The form covers a lot of information and it is important to complete it as thoroughly as possibleIt is best to do this all in one sitting, so plan to give yourself at least 15 minutes… you cannot save it to come back to it later. It is broken up into pages and you must complete each page before you move on to the next. There will be a button or buttons at the bottom of each page that will help you navigate the form. There is also a “breadcrumb” above to allow you to jump back and forth to completed pages if you need to.  The last page contains the “Submit” button.

Please watch the video called “Protecting Today’s Child” which is required by all who participate in CYIA. You can watch it by clicking on the image in the right side-bar.

Please note that some fields are required as indicated by the red asterisks, so you cannot skip them. If you have any questions about the application form, contact your local CEF Chapter representative (the person you have been talking to about CYIA).

Please be careful to answer the following questions honestly. Before any applicant can be considered, he or she must verify the following.
By checking the boxes below you are agreeing to the statement that appears above it. Specifically concerning the video, "Protecting Today's Child, if you have not watched it completely, click this link to do so now. You must watch it before submitting your application. Clicking the link will open a new web browser tab, so you will not lose your place in the form.
VERY IMPORTANT: unless you have made special arrangements with your CEF Chapter representative, you are expected to pay the $50 camp deposit when you click the "Submit Application" button. When you click the button, it will record your application and send you to a secure CEF of Tennessee PayPal page that will allow you to use a credit / debit card or existing personal PayPal account to make the deposit. After you successfully make the deposit, you will be redirected back to the CEF of Tennessee website.
Be patient when you click to submit the form. It takes a few moments to record the data and redirect you to PayPal.

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