This page maps out our Chapter locations. Hover over the map and click a region to view detailed contact information and learn more about each Chapter.

Quick Listing – Chapter Contact Points


Greater Clarksville 

Directors: Lynn & John McAllister
Phone: 931-241-8202
Email: reachingkidsforJesus@gmail.com
Website: www.ReachingKidsForJesus.com


Greater Chattanooga

Director: Patti Harris
Phone: 423-622-1736
Email: chattcef@gmail.com
Website: www.cefchattanooga.org


Greater Jackson 

Director: Randy Nicholas
Phone: 731-736-2786
Email: randy@cefjacksontn.com
Website: www.cefjacksontn.com


Greater Knoxville 

Director: Mitch Townley
Phone: 865.333.1211
Email: info@cefknox.com 
Website: www.cefknox.com


Metro Nashville 

Director: Jeff Nichols
Phone: 615-566-0707
Email: jeff@cefoftennessee.com
Website:  www.cefmetronashville.org


Middle Tennessee 

Director: Joy Evans
Phone: 615.244.4373
Email: Info@CEFMiddleTennessee.org
Website: www.cefmiddletennessee.com


Northeast Tennessee 

Director: Barbara Presnell
Phone: 423-928-8848
Email: johnsoncitycef@gmail.com
Website: www.cefnetn.org

Northwest Tennessee 

Contact: Jessica Mathis
Phone: TBA
Email: mathis7468@gmail.com
Website: TBA

Tennessee Valley 

Contact: Chris Noland
Phone: 931-691-1176
Email: ceftennesseevalley@gmail.com 
Website: www.ceftennesseevalley.org


Upper Cumberland 

Contact: Rachel Gaby
Phone: 931-644-2506
Email: rachel@uppercumberlandcef.org
Website: www.uppercumberlandcef.org 


Memphis Metro 

Director: Janie Walker
Phone: 901-726-9084
Email: cefmemphis@bellsouth.net 
Website: www.cefmemphis.com